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Every detail tells your story

Together we can create an unforgettable soiree for you and your guests to enjoy. Whether your son’s bar mitzvah, your daughter’s 30th birthday, or your parents’ 50th anniversary, the important milestones in your family’s life deserve to be celebrated in a way that you will treasure forever. From a swanky birthday party to an elegant engagement party to a joyful baby shower, regardless of the occasion, scope or budget we look forward to integrating your visions with our creativity. 

The magic is in the details: they’re the difference between just throwing a party and truly standing out.

Sterling Engagements is dedicated to our clients, and we pride ourselves on the details. Creatively and technically, details are truly the structural foundation of an event. We continuously raise the bar and produce unrivaled events. Our passion for innovative design, unconventional concepts, and creative personalized details are the driving force behind each carefully crafted event. Our planning and execution is so meticulous, it’s seamless and almost invisible, remaining behind the scenes and allowing you to shine.

Let us deliver an event far beyond your expectations.


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