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" I always thought that I wanted to have a wedding planner, even with all of my crazy organization, and it turns out this was one of the best decisions we made during the planning process! Alex was referred to us by our venue, and after meeting her, I knew I did not need to interview any other planners- she was the one! She immediately understood our likes and taste, and was always was honest with my husband and I, which was so important and really made us feel good when we made our decisions. Her vendor referrals were fantastic, as we were beyond thrilled with each of them. From music to photography to wedding cake- they were all top notch and who knows if we would have been able to find them without Alex.

As our wedding approached and the stress level increased, Alex was there to meet, answer questions via phone and send e-mails to us anytime, day or night. No question went unanswered and no detail went undecided. When our wedding day came, I was cool and calm, as Alex had worked with us to make sure all the plans were set.

Our wedding day was simply amazing- from the first look to the last dance- we could not have asked for a more fantastic day. Our guests have constantly said that our wedding was the best they had ever been to, and it wouldn't have been possible without Alex and Sterling Engagements!"


" We've had the pleasure of working with Alexandra Rembac-Goldberg on many celebrations hosted at Vibiana and she has impressed us at every turn. Alex possesses the invaluable combination of charming likability and a (seemingly) effortless ability to execute a flawless event. Alex is a quick thinker and a problem solver, she presents to clients the perfect balance of realism and optimism, she approaches each event with a fresh perspective, and she is thorough and detailed without making the planning process tedious. All of these qualities and more are what make us excited every time one of our clients tells us that they've hired Alex as their planner—we look forward to the experience of working with Alex and the Sterling Engagements team each time!"


" If it were not for Alex and The Sterling Team our wedding day would have been a disaster. Initially we had hired a different planner who turned out to be incompetent! I was completely freaked out and one of my friends recommended I talk to Alex. She had so much wisdom and advice that we decided to fire the old planner and bring in Sterling Engagements...with only two weeks before our wedding.

The circumstances were less than perfect and we worried that not everything would get done in time. We had no decorations, no programs, no rehearsal dinner space, no escort cards, my dress showed up in the wrong size and we were basically hopeless. I don't know how she did it but Alex managed to get us back on track and the result was amazing. She was attentive, responsive, encouraging and thoughtful.

Alex completely inspired us to rethink our wedding décor and before we knew it we had so many meaningful and personalized details for our guests. She made us want to have an even better wedding then we imagined and without going over budget! My husband and I are very creative but we needed help. We needed to feel safe and she just has a way of coming in and taking care of it.

The day of the wedding we were equipped with a detailed breakdown of the day and we ready to throw a great party. We loved working with The Sterling Team and they totally transformed our headache into a beautiful event.

I really think Alex is so successful as a planner because her priority is looking out for the couple's best interest. I truly believe that from the bottom of her heart she wanted us to have a wonderful experience and a perfect wedding. She and her team completely exceeded our expectations. "


"Due to a lack of resources I brought Alex in to support our annual customer conference at the very last minute. She did an incredible job within an extremely short timeframe, not to mention she that was in the midst of planning her own wedding simultaneously! Her innovative ideas resulted in customers who were entertained and impressed with the two-day event. Alex also proved to be a great liaison with the vendors and built a rapport with everyone that she interfaced with. Her added extra touches and creative suggestions made all the difference. So the bottom line is: happy customers-check, successful event-check, budget maintained-check, client thrilled with the end result-double check!"


"Sterling Engagements went above and beyond to make our wedding the warm, beautiful and fun day we envisioned.

A friend of mine hired Sterling Engagements to plan her wedding, and knowing what a perfect event it was, I decided to give Alexandra a call. Alexandra was great to work with, taking time to get to know us and recommend vendors that suited our taste and style. Alexandra knows how much wedding services should cost, has great relationships with vendors and knows how to creatively do more with less. The value in terms of savings on hard costs that Sterling Engagements brought to our event covered the additional cost of hiring a wedding planner. But, more importantly than that, working with Sterling Engagements allowed us to be guests at our own wedding. All details, timing and coordination on our wedding day was flawlessly handled by Sterling Engagements.

Three months after our wedding, friends and family are still telling us ours was one of the best weddings they've ever been to. We're grateful to Alexandra and her team for making our wedding even better than we imagined it could be."


" After six or so months of trying to plan our wedding on my own, I was completely overwhelmed. Hiring Sterling Engagements was the best wedding planning decision we ended up making.

While I had chosen and reserved our dream venue, wedding dress, and had a general theme in mind, it was Alex of Sterling Engagements that took my jumble of ideas and lovingly crafted them into the wedding of our dreams. She set us up with top notch vendors that understood our vision. She saved us money, drafted our wedding budget (and stuck to it!), had an amazing team that executed the day of perfectly, and was generous with her time, concepts, and advice.

Alex is a dedicated professional with the best connections, impeccable taste, and a knack for making you feel like a friend. The hours I spent with her discussing design concepts over cups of tea were some of the most enjoyable in the entire wedding planning process. I highly recommend Sterling Engagements. Alex and her team ensured that my husband and I were worry free on the big day and that our guests experienced an event they will never forget."


“We brought Alex in for the month of our wedding, and although we were confident in our creative decisions until that point, we couldn't have gone the final stretch without the Sterling Engagements team.

The day of our wedding, of course, was long and tedious, with so much room for error, but we never had any doubt that Sterling would bring all the details together. All of the physical elements (programs, yarmulkes and ceremony items) were exactly in their places as if by magic. And as the bride, I barely had to formulate a thought before someone on the Sterling team resolved my issue. For instance, by the time I realize my lips were dry, someone was standing by asking if I needed chapstick or a glass of water.

Alex's team went above and beyond for us. And after the wedding, my husband and I kept joking that we had gotten used to such attentive assistance, and wished we could have Sterling around everyday to help us stay on top of our busy lives.

Thanks again, and kudos on building such a great team!”


“During the planning process I felt overwhelmed and just wanted to be engaged for years and years. But after being engaged almost a year, I had a heart to heart with Alex at Sterling Engagements. She allowed me to think big and to dream. It wasn't until I really set foot into dreaming about my wedding, was I able to truly plan it. I think that being able to talk to my wedding coordinator and have her listen to me, was I able to really have the wedding of my dreams. As for time spent planning and organization, without the help of Alex at Sterling Engagements, I feel that I would be easily spent hours and hours worrying and fretting about how it was all going to turn out. Her expertise and talent to listen made everything come out perfectly. Without Alex at Sterling Engagements, I would have been missing the execution of critical details the wedding day. She helped organize guests, made an isle for us to walk down, she ensured our portrait list was shot, clean up of our reception space, documented of our guests and their presence with a sign in board, and gave us that personal attention that made us feel so special”


“My daughter was married 2 weeks ago and I'm still smiling, remembering how lovely it was, but knowing that without Alexandra, it would not have been possible. We hired Alex for the "Month of Service" after realizing that we were in need of help. Ours was a small wedding so we thought we could manage it ourselves, but soon found out that 50 or 500, it still involves a lot of planning and detail. My daughter, Kimberly, works very long hours at Sony Studios and instantly, Alex understood what she was going through trying to plan a wedding with her busy schedule. Even though my daughter already had the venue and some vendors in place, it didn't come together until Alex came onboard. Once she took over, I knew instantly that we were in good hands and we all began to breathe easier. If you ask Alex for something, she gives you four or five choices instantly. You need something? It's done. A problem comes up? It's solved.

I loved it when she walked into the bungalow the morning of the wedding and said, "I don't want you to have to do anything today. I'll take care of it". And she did... over and over again. My only regret is that we didn't hire Alex sooner in the planning process. Anyone who thinks they can get along without a wedding planner is missing the biggest piece of the puzzle. This is such a special time in your life and it should be stress free so you can relax and savor every minute of it.

If you have to cut corners in your budget, lose something else, but for your own piece of mind and enjoyment, hire a wedding planner...and hire the best, Alexandra of Sterling Engagements.

You wowed us, Alex!”


“Where do I start with Alex? And how do I keep it short without missing any details, because she never would... Alex is Amazing! Her motto should be, "If you think it, I can, and will, make it happen!" Keeping the budget in mind of course. There was nothing that we brought to Alex that she wasn't able to do, even when we thought it was nearly impossible. She was able to talk her way through time crunches and bring down prices just so that we could have what we wanted. Everything she touches is exquisite. Alex was always coming up with ideas and they were always relevant to us as a couple and our wedding theme because she took the time to get to know us. She was more than a planner, she was a friend, a confidant and pretty much a 24-hour service. Alex has a nature about her that she will sacrifice herself to make her bride and groom happy and to get a job done beyond expectations. She is the sweetest person and she knows how to talk her way through anything. But not in a manipulative way, just through her savvy business skills, keeping both her vendors and her client's best interest always in mind. We became a big family. Alex covered every detail and then some, our day was 100 times more organized and beautiful than we could have ever imagined it to be.

Alex is the best of the best. She works endlessly so that the bride and groom can simply enjoy the wedding planning process and show up the day of and be in the moment. There was nothing we had to do or to worry about; she handled EVERYTHING. From making sure vendors were in place, to getting me iron pills while I was getting dressed. I know I am biased but she also created THE BEST Platinum wedding episode there will ever be!

We stretched Alex and challenged her but she handled it with love and grace. We love you Alex, thank you!”


“Let me start by stating I am very much a control 'freak'. It is very hard for me to give up control of an event I am involved in, AND… I am the mother of the bride!

My daughter, Carrie interviewed several event planners for "the day of event" services. As we discovered, prices were fairly comparable. It ultimately became the more comfortable feeling and ease that she felt with Alex at Sterling Engagements that made the choice obvious. In comparing the other event planner packages, we found that they had limitations in the number of referrals, emails and phone calls. Alex was just the opposite. After deciphering what the perfect fit for Carrie was, she freely and generously gave initial referrals and excellent recommendations. When Carrie got into a bind with some of the vendors that she herself tried to hire without referral (and most did not work!), her panicked phone calls to Alex were welcomed and she quickly gave some of Sterling's referrals in her ever so calming manner. All of this was in the months preceding "the day of event" package we obtained. To sum this part up, Alex was very generous with her time, her staff, phone calls, emails and meetings at the site prior to the rehearsal. I think the Bride loved the idea of having her own "Lady in Waiting" on her wedding day that Alex provided for her.

So, on to the event day! I don't think Alex really knew how hard it was for me to hand over all of the wedding articles at our pre-rehearsal meeting; the favors that we so meticulously put together, the escort cards, the containers they were to be displayed in, the menu cards, the programs, the ceremony favors, and the special guest book we created. We also had diagrams and pictures of where we wanted things put and exactly how they were to be displayed, all in a binder made for her (yes…. she put up with that!). I now realize she did not need it. Her attention to detail was better and much more experienced than mine. She was on top of every vendor, dealt with the extreme heat of the day, and was patient with us.

Bottom line… I don't know what we would have done without her and her staff. Her personal services went above and beyond what was contracted for. I thoroughly enjoyed my daughter's wedding and was able to dance the night away!”


"I have known Alex for a number of years as I am in the event rental business, and when I was ready to launch a new company also in the event business, I turned to Alex to plan the launch party.

Even though I have some experience in hosting events to the event industry, I chose Alex because she had so much more experience and so many contacts within the event services industry. She found event services who were all top notch and highly professional.

The result was a flawless party. What is most impressive is that she wowed my guests, all of whom are in the event industry, and who have seen it all. I didn't have to do a thing, and enjoyed this party more than any I did in the past.

And Alex is a pleasure to work with."


"A few weeks after my own wedding, I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding when something went wrong: she had just put on her wedding dress and was ready to get in the limo when her phone rang and her mother informed her that the shuttle scheduled to take the guests to the ceremony had never arrived and the wedding planner was nowhere to be found. It was in that moment, as I heard the panic growing in my friend's voice as she and her maid of honor left voicemail after voicemail for the M.I.A. wedding planner - knowing her guests were stranded in the sweltering sun and her wedding was running late - that I re-realized how fortunate my husband and I had been to have hired Alex and her team as our day-of planners.

Alex shouldn't even rightly be called our day-of planner because of how significantly she invested in our wedding the moment she was hired. She immediately engendered our trust and made us confident that she had our 150-person black-tie-optional super-outside-the-box too-many-moving-pieces-to-count wedding understood and under her control. When something did go wrong (a makeup artist we'd insisted on hiring ended up running significantly late), we knew about it from Alex immediately and she worked her magic to make sure the day didn't completely derail and that we could get to our wedding on time (a real feat).

Above and beyond Alex's amazing abilities as a planner, we relied on her creative sensibilities and her prowess in dealing with vendors to make our wedding the incredible breathtaking success it ended up being.

Alex, we're indebted to you for aubergine and sage, for peace of mind, for open ears and a caring heart, and for getting us to the wedding on time. So, even though brides don't know it until it's too late sometimes, we'll keep spreading the word that hiring a planner means not only hiring a knowledgeable expert (something all brides would benefit from), but bringing onboard a person who is totally invested in and capable of making your wedding dreams a reality.

There's no price tag you can put on the manifestation of your dreams, having peace of mind along the way, and knowing there's someone who will take care of anything that does come up so efficiently that on your wedding day you're able to just be a happy couple getting married."


"Working with Alex of Sterling Engagements has been a breeze! Organizing a wedding event such as our own would never be conceivable without her intuitive direction and skills!"


"A friend referred Alex to us. With full time schedules for the both of us and a few months into planning, we came to realize that we needed help to pull off the wedding day we envisioned. From the moment we met Alex, she helped to ease our concerns and always added a creative element to our planning process. Whenever we asked her a question, she offered a pleasing solution.

Alex is a very good listener and in this way she is able to truly understand the client. After only showing her a few floral arrangements we liked, she was able to map out the entire wedding design. During the vendor introduction meetings we went on, we usually went with the first vendor we met all thanks to Alex understanding our personalities, culture and preferences. She even found an excellent videographer for us the last week of the wedding, when we happily decided this vendor would fit into our budget.

Alex was available either via face-to-face, phone or e-mail and responded timely to any planning concerns. Alex coached us throughout the planning process and on our special day.

The day of the wedding, Alex and her team were by our side as well as on the sidelines making sure our wedding was the most amazing day for us. After the wedding, we received so many compliments on the beauty of the event. Thanks Alex and Sterling Engagements!"


"Alex is truly amazing. Her creative ideas and aesthetic eye give every event she does a unique flair. Not only does she knows what it takes to pull off a wide range of events from intimate backyard weddings to larger corporate functions, but she has such a great personality you just want to work with her! I highly recommend Alex and her team at Sterling Engagements."


"As my day of wedding planner, Alex made all the ideas I had come together with class and sophistication. She took care of everything on my wedding day, allowing me to focus solely on enjoying the most important and meaningful day of my life. I cannot imagine what my wedding would have been like without her! I strongly recommend her to anyone that is looking for an event planner with such attention to detail and professionalism. Thank you Alex!"


"I used Sterling Engagements to plan my wedding last year. The minute I got engaged I couldn't wait to get started. I had a lot of my own ideas, as do many brides, Sterling Engagements listened and executed exactly how I pictured it all in my head. While my husband and I both have full-time jobs, it seemed too tough to fit everything in on our own. I am so happy we decided to use Sterling Engagements to plan and coordinate the event. I am very organized myself and even I couldn't all of it on my own, Alexandra made my day flow perfectly. Alexandra gives a bride the sense of ease that you need... trust me. If you have any doubts about using a wedding coordinator, I can honestly say it is worth it in the end. You only get one day, and mine was perfect - Thanks to Sterling Engagements!"


“My daughter got married in November of last year. Alexandra was our consultant. We could not have asked for anyone better. She was considerate and took plenty of notes of both my daughters and mine wishes. Alexandra is a professional, she has a great eye and found us prices and vendors we would have never found on our own. From the decor of the room to the place card tree, she is amazing. She is good with how much time things will take and made a great schedule for all of us. She was aware of our budget and stuck to it, she also did everything in a beautiful way. My daughter was thrilled with every single detail. Who could ask for anything more? I recommend Alexandra and Sterling Engagements without any hesitation, she is wonderful."


"When I first met Alex and had our initial consultation, I knew right away she would be the one to help me through my wedding. Her sweet and sensitive manner was comforting and she was so detailed. I planned the majority of our wedding on my own and with my mother but I soon realized there was so much more to do and not enough time. I hired her to help me complete the planning process and be there for "weekend-of coordination". She was the best investment I ever made and I know my wedding was flawless because of her. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and to put it into someone else's hands is not easy, but when you have a warm kind-hearted woman like Alex, trust that she will always go above and beyond for you. Her design creativity was impressive, but the way she was able to help manage my budget and save me so much money at the same time was a true gift."


"Alex has a wonderful eye for the beautiful things. She has a unique and classy style, which sets her apart from all other event planners I have worked with. She is truly the best in the business!!!"


"I had no idea how much planning goes in to a wedding. I left so many details for the very last minute and then felt overwhelmed and panicked. Thanks to Alex, everything was perfect and ran smoothly. She went above and beyond my expectations. I do not know what I would have done without her. It was a definite success, I would recommend her to everyone I know."


"Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and she can make a dull space come to life!"