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A Sterling Engagement is not your average event, it’s special. It’s modern yet original, vintage yet chic, elegant and timeless plus ever so unique. With texture and dimension each design appears to be better than the next, but they all are incredibly fabulous and that’s what separates us from the rest!

Sterling Engagements combines the splendor with the elegance to create a unique experience for you and your guests to treasure. As a premiere full-service event design and production firm, we specialize in weddings, social events and corporate affairs. With 11+ years experience in the event industry, we specialize in professional yet personal service for each and every client.


Our mission unites a series of concepts that form the core values within our company. It starts with you, the client; you are our number one priority, always. From the initial consultation through the execution of your event, this remains constant. Next is our commitment to professionalism, it is our obligation to deliver excellence always. Through our expertise in the industry, we pledge to service you with our perpetual knowledge, organization skills, integrity and dedication. Finally, we pride ourselves on the details. Creatively and technically, details are truly the structural foundation of an event.


To design unique concepts which create signature events using elements personalized to each client. Using a hands on approach, we put our hands and heart in everything we do.

When planning a wedding, we feel honored to be a part of one of the single most important days of your lives and show it with grace through every step of the process. Our goal is to wow you with perfection and touch you with our personal approach.

While producing a corporate affair, we position ourselves as if we were an employee within our client’s company. Representing your brand exceptionally and developing an innovative experience for your guests with style.

When planning your social event, our number one goal is to execute your vision yet enable you to enjoy your time as a host with your guests. Working together we will be your support and guide you through the process, managing the day according to your wishes and providing you with a stress-free experience.


At every event we produce there is an Aha moment. A moment of clarity where everything that has been planned comes together and suddenly it’s clear, sheer perfection. This moment is consistently one of our favorite memories with each and every event we plan. There is nothing greater than seeing our clients share in this moment, look around and literally glow in astonishment. Our goal is to create this moment over and over again with every event we plan.

Sterling Engagements is dedicated to our clients, we are passionate to exceed their vision and create spectacular events. We have a genuine love and respect for our industry and continuously push our team to raise the bar and take each event to the next level. Our passion for cutting-edge design, unconventional concepts and creative personalized details are the driving force behind each Aha moment we create.